w(e)aving or weaving, waving explores different textures and subtle changes.  The waving motion of the players' bow arms is echoed in the music by waves of sound.  Glissandi throughout the piece preserve a sense of tension as chords are rarely left to sit for long.  w(e)aving is a work which requires excellent ensemble work in order to properly highlight the subtle details.  One of the greatest joys in music is playing in a tight knit ensemble where one can anticipate a fellow musician's moves.  It is the composer's hope that the structure of the piece brings out this aspect of chamber music.

Premiere: Arneis Quartet, Deer Valley Music Festival, Park City, UT, July 2010
Arneis Quartet, Philadelphia, April 2014
Arneis Quartet, Boston, April 2011
Élan String Quartet, Chicago, December 2010

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